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Communications Plan

Communications Plan

In Partnership with Arts & Letters Creative Co.


The Spread


Create a communications plan that will make summer 2021 the Summer of Jelly for Smuckers.


How do we get people to use their jelly and jam, especially when it’s not time for a PB&J or a slice of toast?


Open a jar of adventure.


Smucker's: The Summer of Jelly


By 2021, Americans had spent two summers social distancing, staying indoors and shying away from adventure. While hunkering down inside and trying to create a new normal, Americans leaned on nostalgic food, like jelly and jam, for comfort. With summer quickly approaching, Arts & Letters Creative Co. asked my team to create a communications plan for Smuckers that would encourage people to not leave their jelly behind while they enjoy their well-earned summer freedom. Our assignment was to make summer 2021 the Summer of Jelly. After researching America's sticky relationship with jelly, we created a communications plan that would spark summer excitement and exploration with the sweetest companion.


Everyone has it. That jar of jelly that's been sitting in the back of your fridge for...we're not sure how long. Maybe after a long day at work or in the middle of a rom-com marathon, you might notice the jar and be tempted to make a PB&J. 

But for the most part, it just sits there.

In 2020, fruit spread consumption increased by more than 9%

The problem isn’t building awareness for Smucker’s. It’s not even getting people to buy jam.

The issue is getting people to use their jelly and jam, especially when it’s not time for a PB&J or a slice of toast.

The Smucker's Summer of Jelly

Let's launch a summer-long, integrated campaign to keep Smucker’s on people’s minds and show them exciting new ways to relate to the brand.


Open a jar of adventure

Role of Comms

Showcase unique and adventurous new ways to engage with Smuckers. 

Jelly isn't sticky enough to stay in people's mind


Always stuck with bread and peanut butter



Getting picked


There's no spark or spunk with spreads

Comms Plan

Keep Smucker's top of mind and at the front of fridges


Show exciting new ways to use jelly and relate to Smucker's


Build a preference for Smucker's over other food at home


Give people the confidence to use jelly in unexpected ways


Jelly, Unexpected

Don't think jelly could be a part of your summer plans? Well, here it is. Jelly in the most unexpected places to inspire consumer creativity with the brand and create memorable experiences.

  • Bright

  • Fun 

  • Adventurous

Summer Road Trip
  • Food truck pop-ups

  • Social campaign

  • Vlog videos

  • Raffles on location

  • "That's My Jam" Playlist

  • OOH ads in unexpected places

  • TV and radio spots

  • Recipe on Tik-Tok, Instagram and Pinterest

Giveaways & Swag
  • The Ultimate Picnic Basket Giveaway

  • Product samples

  • Swag bags

  • Digital coupons

Activation: Smucker's Summer Road Trip

Launch Smucker’s food trucks to travel around the country to popular vacation destinations, and:

  • Showcase a diverse and adventurous menu of jelly-inspired foods

  • Hand out recipe cards for DIY project ideas

Their locations will be announced on local and national radio stations along with radio spots. For audiences that prefer curated playlists, we put together a "That's My Jam" playlist on Apple Music and Spotify to connect to the summer vibes with some nostalgic classics, modern hits and the right amount of jam puns.

Smucker's Comms Plan_Ashanti,Josh,Kai,Ka

 Jelly Eaters 

 Jelly Eaters 

 Jelly Eaters 

Kai Butler (Mixed Berry) - ST

Karah Smith (Peach) - ST

Josh Zinger (Blueberry) - ST

 My Role 

This team worked so well together. We did a lot of the research and ideation as a team. I particularly enjoyed:

  • Creating the consumer journey

  • Mapping out the road trip and coorsponding assets

  • Researching what people actually do with jelly

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